Prospective Students

Why choose Colorado RoboSub?

Underwater Robotics is just super cool!

Simply put, the RoboNation competition is like none other in the world. Combining the complexity of completely hands-off autonomy, surviving the rigors of a marine environment, and international competition results in a unique opportunity that challenges students to do things that previously hadn't though possible.

We are a completely student run organization.

That's right, our entire leadership team is solely run by students. Although we believe that actively participating in RoboSub is a fundamental part of our students' education, we also recognize that academic success should be a priority for students. As a result we are extremely flexible, so when your homework piles up and you have to cram for that big Thermo exam next week, we understand! We are students too!

We are a diverse group of welcoming and supportive of students.

Our team is comprised of students from all backgrounds and we encourage everyone to join, regardless of your prior experience. In fact, due to the wide range of technical complexity on our vehicles, all of our members learn and grow as professionals throughout their entire time on Colorado RoboSub.

We go to San Diego every August.

The Internationl Robonation RoboSub competition takes place every year in Point Loma, California, in a military transducer testing pool called the TRANSDEC. Therefore, every year our team annually rents a large house in San Diego in order to compete. Through the course of a week, we spend hours trouble shooting software bugs, chugging Red Bull, chowing down on In-N-Out, hopefully winning, and of course, having a blast!

We have food every Friday!

Every Friday at 4PM we convene in the ITLL (CU's Main Engineering Lab) for our weekly RoboJam meetings. During this time we discuss progress on our two vehicles, plan our competition strategy, and most significantly, eat Pizza! (Thanks to a very generous sponsorship by Cosmos Pizza) Students interested in joining RoboSub are always welcome, so feel free to drop in and see what we are working on.

Note that times and meeting methods may change in the upcoming year due to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines.

Sounds interesting? Swing by and check us out!

There is no pressure to join, so the worst that can happen is you walk away with some delicious food.

You can also reach out to us on Social Media or email us at