Autonomous Underwater Robotics

Colorado RoboSub is a dedicated team of students at the University of Colorado Boulder who compete annually in the RoboNation RoboSub competition in San Diego, CA. One of the most complex collegiate robotics competitions in the world, RoboSub requires students to design an autonomous submarine and compete on an international stage! As a completely student run and administrated club, Colorado RoboSub focuses on developing students abilities beyond what can be taught in the classroom, building invaluable engineering intuition, and giving students the opportunity to be a part of community of passionate peers striving towards a common goal!

Making Lifelong Connections

Colorado RoboSub is a team built around inclusion, comradery, and cooperation. As a completely student-run organization, Colorado RoboSub uniquely develops students' professional design capabilities while simultaneously creating an environment in which students are free to learn, fail, and grow together as both teammates and friends.

Filling in the Gap

Although many engineering schools now require projects-based coursework for both freshman and senior students there is a lack of hands-on experience that students are able to gain during the middle years of their education as they turn their attention towards discipline specific coursework. However, due to the hands-on nature of the Colorado RoboSub team, our members continue to gain new knowledge and skills throughout their college experience, including experience which may be beyond their particular area of study.

Interested in joining Colorado RoboSub?

Colorado RoboSub is an inclusive group that welcomes all students from all backgrounds regardless of your previous experience or abilities. Interested in learning the ROS software package? Want to know what a bore seal is? Looking to join a supportive and professional group of students dedicated to both their work and each other? We would love to have you! For more information on joining the Colorado RoboSub team, please visit our Prospective Students page.